Why should I get a Texas license if I can carry with a license from another state?

You may have seen ads for classes that are only a few hours long, or even entirely online. Please be aware that these are not approved by the state and will not get you a Texas CHL. These are classes for obtaining a concealed handgun license from another state. You may be able to carry in Texas, for now, using one of these licenses, but there is good reason not to do so:

  • These classes teach the laws as they relate to the state that issues the permit. It is important to understand the CHL laws in Texas and you will not get this from out-of-state classes.
  • Many states, including Texas, are working toward closing the loophole that allows Texas residents to carry concealed using an out-of-state permit. You may find yourself suddenly unable to legally carry if you do not have a Texas CHL.
  • The Federal Gun Free School Zone Act makes it a federal crime to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of a school. There is an exception if you have a license to carry a gun issued by the state where you are a resident. If you only have an out-of-state permit, you are not exempt from this law. You can easily get within 1,000 feet of a school just by driving down the road.