What do I need to bring to class?

▪   Pen and paper for taking notes.

▪   Any documentation you need to qualify for a discounted class fee. Document must show all pertinent information; for example, it must show the current year of employment if requesting the K-12 teacher discount. Without sufficient documentation, the full class fee will be charged.

▪   Cash, money order, or your credit/debit card to pay the class fee.

▪   Your driver license.

▪   A handgun of .32 caliber or larger (or a revolver of .38 caliber or larger if you want a revolver-only license). Handguns are available for rental at the range if needed. Please leave your handguns locked out of sight in your vehicle until we go to the range. Current CHL holders must follow all applicable laws.

▪   At least 50 rounds of ammunition, which is usually available for purchase at the range. Supplies may vary. Please leave your ammunition in your vehicle until we go to the range.

▪   Eye and ear protection, which is available for rental or purchase at the range if needed. Eyeglasses or sunglasses and foam earplugs are not ideal but meet the minimal requirements.

▪   Closed-toe shoes are required on the range.