How do I qualify for the state indigent rate?

To qualify for indigent rate for both the state license fee and our class fee, you must be under the following annual income levels as shown on your previous years tax return:

Persons in Family Annual Income
1 $10,890
2 $14,710
3 $18,530
4 $22,350
5 $26,170
6 $29,990
7 $33,810
8 $37,630
For each additional person, add $3,820

What do I need to bring to class?

▪   Pen and paper for taking notes.

▪   Any documentation you need to qualify for a discounted class fee. Document must show all pertinent information; for example, it must show the current year of employment if requesting the K-12 teacher discount. Without sufficient documentation, the full class fee will be charged.

▪   Cash, money order, or your credit/debit card to pay the class fee.

▪   Your driver license.

▪   A handgun of .32 caliber or larger (or a revolver of .38 caliber or larger if you want a revolver-only license). Handguns are available for rental at the range if needed. Please leave your handguns locked out of sight in your vehicle until we go to the range. Current CHL holders must follow all applicable laws.

▪   At least 50 rounds of ammunition, which is usually available for purchase at the range. Supplies may vary. Please leave your ammunition in your vehicle until we go to the range.

▪   Eye and ear protection, which is available for rental or purchase at the range if needed. Eyeglasses or sunglasses and foam earplugs are not ideal but meet the minimal requirements.

▪   Closed-toe shoes are required on the range.

I don’t own a gun. Can I still take the class?

Sure! You have to shoot a firearm, but it doesn’t have to belong to you. We recommend you shoot the firearm you will use in class at least once before attending class, so if you’re borrowing one, you should probably go to a range and try it out before your class day. If you don’t have access to one at all, the range rents firearms and sells ammunition.

What does it mean when the CHL eligibility page says I “must not be ‘finally determined to be delinquent’ in any payments to the state of Texas, including child support and property taxes”?

They’re not talking about missing one or two payments. They’re talking about being so far behind that the state agency issued a decision that specifically says you were “finally determined to be delinquent.” If such a determination has been made in your case, you may take the class but your application to the state for a CHL will be rejected until the payments are caught up and the determination cleared.

Can I arrange a private class for my friends, family or co-workers?

Yes! The rates depend on several variables including how many people are in the class, if we hold it in your location or ours, and if we use our usual range or one closer to you. Classes of 7-20 people will typically cost about the same as public classes. Call us to discuss your options!

Some instructors offer women’s only classes. Do you?

Brian consulted with his wife on this question. He asked why some women would want a women’s only CHL class. His wife said that some men can be sexist and competitive, some instructors might not know about issues more commonly faced by women like wearing a holster with curvy hips or carrying both a gun and a child, and that some women feel intimidated by guns and want an empowering atmosphere where high heels and firearms are normal.

Brian isn’t sexist or competitive, he does cover topics that are commonly faced by women, and he’s naturally empowering. Women love taking a class with him. So slip on your tennies or pull on your boots or strap on your high heels (as long as they’re closed-toe) and come on out to a class where you can just be you, no labels attached.

I don’t fit the typical CHL demographic. Will I feel comfortable in the Sheepdog CHL class?

Yes, definitely. The content of the class is neutral and CHL-specific and Brian’s instruction is as well. Prejudicial, sexist, racist, and political statements are not part of his vocabulary and are not entertained in his class. Brian is a down-to-earth guy who has a special skill in accepting every person where he or she is and tailoring his instruction to his students’ needs. That means you will feel safe, comfortable, supported, and informed in the issues that matter to you.

I know a lot about shooting and guns already. Will I be bored in your class?

How could you be bored spending a day talking about and shooting guns? It’s highly unlikely.

Brian is active in IDPA, is a range safety officer, is active in 2nd Amendment discussions, is the campus advisor for a Students for Concealed Carry on Campus chapter, and generally likes to shoot and talk shop. The class is designed to address issues of importance to you as a seasoned shooter. You should feel right at home.

I suffered through a traumatic experience like robbery, rape, or domestic violence. Will your class re-traumatize me?

Brian is patient and calm and his class is constructive and empowering. He does not fear-monger or use scare tactics. If you have any particular triggers, please feel free to discuss them with Brian before class to make this a positive experience for you.

I’m interested in finding out more, but I’m scared of guns. Is that a problem?

There is no obligation to get a CHL if you take the class. There is no obligation to carry if you get a CHL. There is no obligation to use a firearm if you carry. You can take the class with no strings attached.

The Sheepdog CHL class will give you the information you need to understand how firearms work as well as how they can be kept and handled safely. This is information every American should know and understand whether they own firearms or not. It will help you to make an informed decision. You can apply for a new license up to 2 years after successfully completing the class (6 months for a renewal), so take things at your own pace.

If you think you need a little more personalized attention or if you want to get comfortable with being around firearms before class, private instruction is available at an additional rate. Contact us to discuss your options.

Will you teach me how to shoot?

Brian will cover the basics of how a firearm works, the different kinds of firearms, safety rules for carrying and using a firearm, and the basics of shooting such as sight alignment, grip, and stance. It is recommended that you shoot the firearm you will use in class at least once before attending class. The target used is pretty big (about 17” wide by 23” tall). If you could hit the side of a cardboard box, you’ll be fine. If you can’t, we recommend a little more practice. We can meet before class for some private instruction for an additional rate. If you’re interested, contact us.

How do I qualify for one of the class discounts?

Sheepdog CHL believes in giving back to our community. We especially celebrate the contributions of first responders, our military personnel, and teachers. In order to recognize these heroes, we discount the class fees for anyone who brings documentation that he or she belongs to one of the following groups:

  • Current full-time, reserve, or retired law enforcement officers
  • Current volunteer or full-time firefighters
  • Current volunteer or full-time paramedic/EMS
  • Active-duty, reserve, or retired military including Texas State Guard
  • Current full-time certified K-12 teachers

We also support citizens’ right to protect themselves while on college and university campuses. We discount the class fees for anyone who brings documentation that he or she belongs to one of the following groups:

  • Current college student enrolled half-time or more
  • Current college/university faculty

We offer significantly reduced class fees for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus groups. Please contact us to discuss how we can provide the class to your SCCC group.

What other states honor the Texas CHL?

A number of other states will allow you to carry using your Texas CHL. You may carry a concealed handgun in any of the green states in the map below with a Texas CHL. You are responsible for knowing and following the laws in the state you are in. Each state has their own CHL rules governing when and where you can carry.

Why should I get a Texas license if I can carry with a license from another state?

You may have seen ads for classes that are only a few hours long, or even entirely online. Please be aware that these are not approved by the state and will not get you a Texas CHL. These are classes for obtaining a concealed handgun license from another state. You may be able to carry in Texas, for now, using one of these licenses, but there is good reason not to do so:

  • These classes teach the laws as they relate to the state that issues the permit. It is important to understand the CHL laws in Texas and you will not get this from out-of-state classes.
  • Many states, including Texas, are working toward closing the loophole that allows Texas residents to carry concealed using an out-of-state permit. You may find yourself suddenly unable to legally carry if you do not have a Texas CHL.
  • The Federal Gun Free School Zone Act makes it a federal crime to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of a school. There is an exception if you have a license to carry a gun issued by the state where you are a resident. If you only have an out-of-state permit, you are not exempt from this law. You can easily get within 1,000 feet of a school just by driving down the road.