Class Information

General Information

The State of Texas requires new CHL applicants to take a class with a minimum of 10 hours of instruction (4 for renewal), including range time, taught by a state certified CHL instructor. The class must consist of classroom training, a standardized test of multiple choice and true/false questions, and the student must demonstrate safe firearms handling and proficiency on the range using a standard course-of-fire. Our classes exceed the state minimum standards by teaching you not only the legal aspects of concealed carry, but also the practical knowledge you need to know to carry a handgun on a day to day basis.

Class Schedule

Our typical class schedule will look like this:

8am – 9am Registration, initial paperwork and photos taken.
9am – 10am Intro to CHL, Application Process, and Administrative Rules
10am – 11am Basic Firearms Training
11am – 12pm Safe Storage and Concealment Options
12pm – 1pm Lunch
1pm – 2pm Shooting Proficiency (Renewal students arrive at 1pm)
2pm – 4pm Use of Force Laws
4pm – 5pm Non Violent Dispute Resolution
5pm – 6pm What To Do After an Incident
6pm – 7pm Review and Final Exam

Our Facility

Our classroom and range facility, located near Wylie inside Armadillo Guns, provides a comfortable classroom space for up to 22 students, features full tables, and office type chairs. We provide donuts in the morning and bottled water and coffee throughout the day. Our private outdoor range is on-site and used only for CHL classes, eliminating the need to travel to another location to complete the shooting portion of the class. Numerous food options are available for lunch in nearby Lavon or Wylie.

Range Qualification

You are required to use a handgun of at least .32 caliber or larger to complete the shooting proficiency portion of the class. We strongly recommend using a semi-automatic handgun to qualify with. If you use a revolver, you will only be able to carry a revolver. If you use a semi-auto, you will be able to carry either a semi-auto or a revolver.

The shooting course consists of 50 rounds total, shot at a B-27 type target shown below. 20 rounds will be shot at 3 yards, 20 rounds at 7 yards, and 10 rounds at 15 yards. 175 points (70%) out of a total of 250 is required to pass. You have up to 3 chances to pass, but in our experience, more than one try is rarely necessary, even with new shooters.

Scoring is as follows:

  • Hits within the 8 ring = 5 points.
  • Hits within the 7 ring and outside the 8 ring = 4 points.
  • Hits outside the 7 ring and still on the silhouette = 3 points.
  • Hits in the white area = 0 points.