About Us

Brian McElroy is licensed and certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety to teach the Texas Concealed Handgun License course.  He is a firm believer in 2nd Amendment rights and is a strong advocate for the CHL program and a citizen’s right to self defense.

In addition to teaching, Brian is active in local IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) matches and is certified by the IDPA organization as a Range Safety Officer. He is active politically for the 2nd Amendment cause as an NRA recruiter and promotes the rights of students on college campuses as the staff advisor for the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus organization at a local university.

Police and ex-military CHL instructors have some fascinating war stories, but their stories and experiences don’t always translate well into the situations faced by the average person.  Brian has over a decade of firearms experience and is able to share with his classes a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the practical issues encountered as a citizen carrying a gun.  It is from this perspective that Brian is able to prepare his students to be responsible gun owners and concealed handgun carriers.