Welcome to Sheepdog CHL

Whether obtaining a new Texas Concealed Handgun License or renewing an existing one, Sheepdog CHL is where you will get everything you need to know about legally and safely carrying a handgun in Texas.

Classes are geared toward both new and experienced shooters. Beginners say that Brian is approachable, knowledgeable, calm, and encouraging. Advanced students respect the breadth and depth of his knowledge and the reliability and dependability of his information. A down-to-earth and practical guy, Brian meets every student—man or woman, young or old–where he or she is and then works from there.

The current law says you must attend a class that’s 10-15 hours long (including range time), so Sheepdog CHL’s motto is this: if you have to be in class that long, the information had better be accurate, useful, and engaging. Using a variety of presentation techniques including lecture, multimedia, and interactive discussion, Sheepdog CHL uses the class time to go beyond the minimum information DPS requires, also covering many of the practical aspects of concealed carry that you’ll be faced with as a CHL licensee. We walk you through the whole process, providing the required information as well as the information you need.